• Husband and father • Strong supporter of our U.S. Constitution
• Christian • Conservative • Master Mason
• Member, New Kent Republican Party
• New Kent Chamber of Commerce - Political Action Director
• Owner, Ron Stiers Photography, Providence Forge
• Voted New Kent Business Citizen of the Year
• Voted #1 Small Business in New Kent
• President, Providence Forge Recreation Assn.
• Chairman, Providence Forge community Thanksgiving Feast
• President/CEO of the Forge Foundation, Inc.
• Donated thousands of hours to fundraisers supporting our volunteer
fire department, Junior Woman's Club projects, NK Humane Society, our
youth athletic leagues, and other community organizations.


I've had several families bring me their child that was sent home to die. I
have photographed these precious children in many happy poses, with
siblings, with the entire family, etc. I have given these families on
average about two-three thousand dollars worth of portraits and frames. The
families really can't afford my services, as all their income has gone to
medical bills and prescription drugs. I had one family say they would give
me their old beat up van in lieu of the portraits, but I would not agree.

I have donated thousands of dollars to the New Kent Humane Society through
various photo promotions including Pets with Santa, Pets with The Easter
Bunny, etc.

I have donated hundreds of dollars to various athletic associations in the

I chaired the Providence Forge Thanksgiving Feast last Thanksgiving Day,
feeding in excess of 400 people. I brought three caterers together, many
volunteers, churches , and all food and services were donated. Most of the
food came from individuals, not corporations. Much of the food left over did
not go to waste. I created a caravan of vehicles and took the remaining food
to the homeless in Richmond, including a women's battered shelter that had
been on the phone calling local churches begging for food. When we arrived,
we found they had a full house of battered women and children, with one jar
of mayonnaise in the house. You can imagine how blessed they felt when we
showed up a dozen turkeys and all the trimmings, baby formula, diapers,
sippy cups, etc. We accomplished all this with NO government money,

As political director of the New Kent Chamber of Commerce, I feel , with
the help of my committee comprised of David Adams, George Pinelli, Chip
Alvis, Bill O'Keefe, Gary Green, Bart Leader, we have finally got the
Chamber acting like a Chamber instead of a social club. We are taking
business people's concerns and taking appropriate action to satisfy there
needs. Example: Bob Williams, owner of Willie's BBQ, claims the County wants to charge him $100,000.00 to hook his new building to water. Supervisor
Thomas Evelyn says it would cost $7,000.big difference. So we are planning a
meeting with Cabell Lawton, Thomas Evelyn, Mark Daniel, Rodney Hathaway ,
and Bob Williams to rectify the problem. It's called common sense. Another
business that has brought their concerns to me is Bob Alley Towing. Much of
their concerns, I don't have liberty to discuss at this time.

Motor home owners have complained about the state highway (Rockahock Road) having tree branches hanging over the road, scraping their expensive campers to and from the campground. I have contacted VDOT, filed a claim, and awaiting the case number to be resolved. This cost Rockahock money, which in turn affects the county sales taxes from this business.

Two years ago, I started a volunteer landscaping crew to mow the median on
route 60. We volunteer our time, equipment, and gas for this project. Why?
Because we take pride in our community and if we can't get the State to take
care of our community, get out of the way and we will do it ourselves.

In 2007 I was voted President of The Providence Forge Recreation Association
( when I wasn't even present). The building was close to shambles. Under my
leadership, we have spent thousands of dollars to improve the facility
including a $15,000 new roof, a nice brick sign on the road frontage, PA
system with outdoor speakers, paved and striped the parking lot, refurbished
a trashed broom closet and turned in into a walk-in pantry with new ceiling,
recessed lights, new tile floor, and 6ft. shelving for storage. All this was
accomplished by budgeting our funds, borrowing NO money, and without
increasing annual dues to members. We now have more money in our account
than before we started all these projects.

Blaze, (don't know his last name) called and asked if I would participate
again this year in the portrait fund-raising for the Providence Forge
Volunteer Fire Department.

He said they have raised thousands of dollars with people donating and
receiving a free 8X10 family portrait from my studio. He also commented that
there has not been one single complaint in three years of my participation.
They had numerous complaints when Olan Mills had the contract.

Please remember to vote November 8, 2011.
You will vote at either Providence Forge Recreation Center
or at the New Kent County Airport

Thank you.
Any amount is appreciated

This election is not about me;
it's about YOU.
Please vote on November 8.
Your voice does make a difference.

Providence Forge, Va., parade 2010 by Terri Aigner

Providence Forge, Va, Parade 2010 by Terri Aigner

Ron served on the committee which in 2010
brought Providence Forge the largest Christmas
Parade the village had ever had.

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